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  • Living in Korea
  • Support for foreigners residing in Korea
  • Immigration and Stay for Foreigners

Registration of Foreign Residents

Reentry Permits

Reentry Permits


  • Registered foreigners who plan to stay in Korea for more than 91 days
  • Foreigners exempt from alien registration; staff of foreign embassies and international organizationsstationed in Korea, diplomats and others who have similar privileges and positions as consuls according to agreement with the Korean government, and their families.


  • Maximum period for a single re-entry: 1 year
  • Maximum period for multiple re-entries (2 or more times): 2 years

Re-entry permission exemptions and exceptions

  • In A1-A3 cases and registered foreigners (all stay qualification) who intend to re-enter Korea within 1 year after departure, re-entry permission is waived. (If left stay period is less than 1 year, re-entry permission will be exempt within the range of stay period.)
  • For F-5 (permanent residence) carriers, re-entry permission is waived for up to 2 years after departure.
  • When foreigners who are prohibited from entry or visa issuance, try to depart and re-enter during their stay periods, exemption for re-entry permission will not be applied —> Visit office which has jurisdiction, and apply for re-entry permission.

Required documents

  • Application
  • Passport and alien registration card (if applicable)
  • Fees – single entry: 30,000 won, multiple re-entry: 50,000 won

For married immigrants

Married immigrants registered as an alien who depart Korea during their permitted period of stay can re-enter the country within the year without having to obtain a reentry permit. However, a reentry permit is required if their entry is restricted due to criminal records.

Extension of Reentry Permit Period

If foreign residents who have left the country with a reentry permit are unable to reenter Korea due to unavoidable circumstances, they may apply for an extension at the local embassy or consulate of Korea within the allowed period or exemption period. When the applicant fails to enter Korea during the period for permission of re-entrance, the existing stay qualification becomes invalid.