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Immigration and Stay for Foreigners

Confirmation of Passport and Visa Expiry Date

Confirmation of Passport and Visa Expiry Date

Foreigners who enter Korea must possess a valid passport and visa issued by the Minister of Justice.
Visitors from countries that have entered a visa waiver agreement with Korea or visitors that are otherwise exempt from visa requirements may enter using only a passport. Visitors are encouraged to be aware of passport and visa expiration dates to avoid any complications in the case of stay extensions, etc.



Foreigners are asked to carry their passport at all times.
Passports are used as an identification card specifying the carrier’s personal information such as nationality, etc. to verify the carrier’s identity in a variety of situations.

How to Interpret a Korean Entry Visa

Alien registration card (front and rear)
  • “Stay qualification” is used to identify the reason the person is entering Korea (i.e.: for marriage immigrants, the stay qualification is F-6).
  • “Entry Confirmation” shows the date the person has entered Korea. The stay period is counted beginning from the next day.
  • “Duration of sojourn” depends on the visa status. Those who wish to apply for an extension must do so before the end of visa (within 90 days from the date of entry). (Extensions of visa are granted based on the following reasons: visa status, reason for extension, etc.)
  • “Expiration date”, listed right below the stay period, is the expiration date of the visa, not the expiration date for the stay period.

ARC Card

  • Front
  • Back
Short-term visitors (B, C type visa - maximum stay of 90 days)
The expiry date specified on the Visa is the expiry date of the permitted stay.
Long-term visitors and permanent residence qualification carriers: Alien registration card carriers
Permission and expiration dates are specified on the back of the alien registration card; any request for an extension of stay must be made before the end of the stay period expiration date.