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  • Living in Korea
  • Adaptation to Korea
  • Essential information for pre-marriage immigrants

Essential information for pre-marriage immigrants

'Danuri App', a smartphone application that provides information on living in Korea

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A book with essential information for living in Korea

결혼이미자를 위한 휴대용 한국생활가이드북
결혼이미자를 위한 휴대용 한국생활가이드북

Welcome Book for immigrants by marriage

2016 한국생활 가이드북
2016 한국생활 가이드북

Guide for multicultural families and life as a foreigner

Guidebook for Living in Korea


Information Call Center for Multicultural Families - Danuri Call Center 1577-1366

다누리콜센터전화번호 일 오 칠 칠 일 삼 육 육

  • Providing information and counseling service for adapting to life in Korea (24 hours, 7 days a week)
  • Service language : 한국어(Korean), ENGLISH (English), 中文 (Chinese), Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese), Tagalog (Tagalog), ខ្មែរ (Khmer), Монгол хэл (Mongolian), Русский (Russian), 日本語 (Japanese), ภาษาไทย (Thai), ພາສາລາວ (Lao), o'zbek (Uzbek), नेपाली (Nepali)

Multicultural Family Support Center

  • The center supports early adaptation of marriage immigrants to Korean society and stable living for multicultural families through a variety of services including family education, counseling, and cultural programs.

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