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This provides you with job application information targeting marriage immigrants, and the policies that apply when an employee has lost their job or experienced an injury · illness in the work environment.

Marriage Immigrant Career Support Services

Target Female marriage immigrants
  • The female marriage immigrants career support program (WIND) provides a variety of career information for marriage immigrants to support successful employment
  • * 10-15 participants per session
Registration Register by visiting Work Net ( → Career Counseling/Support → Career Support Program → Program Participation → Course Search → Organization Check
Contact Info 1350 (no area code when dialing from a landline)
Related Organization Ministry of Employment and Labor

Visiting Multicultural IT Guidance

다문화 IT 방문 지도의 대상, 내용, 신청방법, 문의처, 관련부처 정보를 제공해주는 목록 입니다.
Target Female marriage immigrants and multicultural families
  • IT training provided by visting instructors for marriage immigrants with Korean language and IT capabilities
  • Instructors from the same country of origin as students visit multicultural households to provide IT training and share tips for adjusting to life in Korea
Registration National Information Education Agency homepage, Notifications (알림마당)(국민정보화교육홈페이지 바로가기
Contact Info 02-3660-2566 / 2710
Related Organization Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs

Foreign Medical Coordinator Training Services

Target Foreigners (Russian, Middle East, Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Japanese) who are interested in receving training as a medical coordinator and meet one or more of the following conditions.
  • Those with a Korean level of intermediate (TOPIK Level 3/4) or higher
  • Those with a Bachelor's Degree or higher from a Korean university (regardless of major)
  • Those who have lived in Korea for 3 years or more
  • Those with experience as a medical professional (pharmacist, nurse's assistant, coordinator, etc.) preferred
  • Educational training as a medical coordinator for institutions seeking to draw or treat foreigners
  • Education provided some of charge
Registration The application can be completed on the website (Required documents: the application form, post-learning plan, official language test score results, etc.)
※ Official KOHI homepage: (
Contact Info Korea Human Resources Development Institute for Health & Welfare Department of Health Industry Education (02-3299-1400)
Related Organization Department of Health and Human Services

Employment Agencies

일자리 알선기관의 구분, 내용 정보를 제공해주는 목록 입니다.
Division Content
Employment Center
고용센터 홈페이지 바로가기
These centers (83 branches nationwide as of August 2013) are representative job placement institutes run free of charge by the State. Korean and foreign job seekers can inquire at job centers to learn about job openings at companies of interest or to receive career counseling. Company interviews are also provided through the center until the jobseeker finds a job.
Job Information Center These local agencies provide free information on job opportunities. Job information centers are located at most city halls and county offices. The centers will help you find a job close to your place of residence.
Women's Resource Development Center
여성인력개발센터 홈페이지 바로가기
This center provides various job training programs, vocational trainings, and counseling for working women, and serves as a comprehensive job placement support institution for women.
Foreign Workers Support Center These non-governmental organizations assist foreign workers in dealing with employment issues in Korea.